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Week 1: Sarah Beth on YouTube

Hi there! I took the picture of Aari as I was attempting to do yoga when he was awake… LOTs of fun but it didn’t involve a lot of yoga!  I’ll keep trying with low expectations of getting any yoga in.  At the very least, I might have cute pictures to share with you all!

I’m writing this while watching Aari nap… oh naps… amazing and hard to come by. Right now Aari is taking 30 minute naps every two hours which keeps us in a tight a cycle.  I hear someday he might consolidate naps… until then, yoga!

This week I tried Sarah Beth’s YouTube Channel.  Overall, I really love her videos. They are mostly 20-30 minutes with tons of options and themes.  She has various levels so it’s easy to find a video that will fit your needs.  My back has been hurting- hello 16lb baby and a weak core- so I focused on easier videos with lots of stretching.  I think her site is best for anyone looking to target a certain area in their yoga practice (ex: sore wrists or back).

Here are the videos I tried:

Yoga for flexibility Level 1 (20 min)

Vinyasa Yoga for Posture (20 min)

Stretch and Strengthen for Low Back Pain (30 min)

NEW Favorite! Yin Yoga for Stress and Anxiety (30 min)

Deep Hip Opening Level 1 (20 min)

NEW Favorite! Deep Hip Opening Level 2 (30 min)

Leave me a comment about what you think when you try the videos! I’d love to hear from you!


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