Week 2: Yoga with Tim

I am a creature of habit in all ways. I like routine and struggle to break away and try something new. In a way, this blog has done me a huge favor already. Although I have a NEW routine of doing yoga every night after I put Aari to sleep, the blog has made me switch up the videos and instructors I try. Without the blog, I’d probably be doing Sara Beth’s videos over and over because I liked them so much. But that would be a terrible blog and I might not improve as much as if I try multiple instructors! So this week I tried Yoga with Tim.

I gotta be honest with all of you that his videos aren’t what I typically look for in my yoga practice. He focuses more on strengthening and less on breathing and flow. So, for me, it is not as relaxing.  I think that someone would have to be more advanced in their practice to get the full benefit of his videos as I often forget to breath when it gets tough.  He also does not give as many alternatives for beginners as I’ve seen in other videos.

With that said, I kept at his videos and realized I was getting pose direction from his.  I learned small shifts in my feet direction can make a pose feel extremely different- often hitting a tension point that needed to be released in my body.

I never would have stuck out the entire week without this blog- but I’m so glad I did. Tim also has a 30 day challenge on his channel that I’ll make sure to do in a few weeks and let you all know what I think!

Here are the videos I did this week and what I thought:

Note: Tim uses blocks and straps frequently so I’d suggest having those handy! 

30 min Tone and Stretch: Transitions are a bit rushed for me in this one.

Vinyasa Flow- 30 min: Good for hip openers, pretty challenging.

15 minute rest and relaxation: Not my favorite as it didn’t focus on the breath- a key for relaxation.

NEW Favorite! Yoga for strength and balance (35 min): Good vinyasa practice. No equipment needed. Great explanations of postures.

Day 1 of 30 day Yoga Body: Good introduction to the 30 day series but expected more pose direction.

NEW Favorite! 30 min Morning Yoga: Very Tough- good for core. No equipment needed.

Leave me a comment about what you think when you try the videos! I’d love to hear from you!


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